Take the Fright out of Halloween Spending

If you’re a parent, you know firsthand just how pricey Halloween can get. From the pumpkins and the decorations to the state-of-the-art costumes and candy for the neighbourhood trick-or-treaters, it all adds up.

We scoured the web this week to find articles that offer simple tips to help you keep your Halloween spending in check. Here are our favourites:

1) Are Halloween costs rising?

Personal finance expert Barry Choi recommends skipping the decorations this year (kids really just want the candy, after all) and advises that you resist the urge to dress your pet in a costume (yes, this appears to be a trend now). You might think it will look cute in pictures, but puppy costumes don’t come cheap!

2) Five tips for a scary-cheap Halloween

Are you always scrambling to buy candy at the last-minute? The Canoe.ca team suggests that you avoid running into that problem next year by stockpiling for 2016 as soon as the treats go on sale on November 1. You’ll save money – but good luck keeping yourself away from that stash of chocolate bars all year! Making your own costumes for you or your kids can also help you keep your costs down.

3) The horror! Halloween costs are on the rise

RateMySupermarket.ca put together a list of ‘easier-than-stealing-candy-from-a-child’ ways to enjoy Halloween without blowing through your budget (their words, not ours!) On the top of their list is making your own decor out of basic household items, such as garbage bags. Want to add a spooky touch to your porch? Visit Value Village and create a scarecrow or doll from old clothes. If you get creative with what you already have, the options are endless.

Are we missing any tips you swear by?

Happy Halloween!

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