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Sometimes less is more on a resume when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd.

There’s been an overhaul in the look of the traditional resume.  Resumes these days are not only more polished, but often one page, instead of two.

One page?

Can an entire career be summarized so easily?  Yes, it can.  Just check out the resumes of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk and Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer.

Welcome to 2016, where one page resumes rule. When written effectively, the one page resume can easily move you to the front of the line.

The simple fact is that managers and corporate recruiters have short attention spans. Among the many other responsibilities they have, hiring managers don’t have time to shuffle through a three or four page resume.

A resume is like personal ad about you. When you look at an ad, do you like the quick and snappy, “got-your-attention” ad, or do you prefer the one minute, “when’s-this-going-to-end-someone-change-the-channel” ad? Chances are it’s the former.

What this means for job seekers is that you have to describe a lot about yourself with less writing. Below are some tips on getting your point across as succinctly as possible on your resume:

  1. Start by building repository of your skills, qualifications and accomplishments. Once completed you can pull relevant experiences based on the position you are applying to.
  2. Use power words! These are words designed to catch the hiring manager’s eyes and to separate you from the others. Words like, bolstered, collaborated and implemented go a long way in a little space.
  3. Stay relevant. There’s no need to focus on the fact that you once worked at an amusement park cutting ride tickets during your first year in university.  Instead, focus on what’s listed in the job description and compare it to your experience. Then, in as few words as possible, summarize it.
  4. Never double down on your bullet points! What this means is, if you did the same thing at Company A that you did and Company B, no need to state it twice.
  5. Check your spacing – you would be surprised how much space you can save if you just adjust the layout of your resume.

Follow the steps above and you’ll be well on your way to creating the one page resume you desire to help you start a new chapter in your career.


Sonny Sidhu

As Manager of Human Resources at CST, Sonny loves what he does. Making an impact on the professional lives of his colleagues is what drives him to excel at work. In his free time, Sonny spends time with his loving family and annoying niece Dani (just kidding – she’s a terrific kid!). He enjoys watching movies, competitive gaming and spending time in the park. Sonny has authored five articles for Linkedin.

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