The Importance of Hard Work and Extracurricular Activities in High School

Student involved in extracurricular activities, tips to help build skills in high school and into university.

Getting involved in extracurricular activities can help build skills that will help you beyond high school and into university or college.

As someone who has difficulty sitting still, I have always pushed myself to stay busy and preoccupied, whether it’s diving into school work or volunteering in my community, I am always up to something. Although it’s sometimes difficult to focus my time towards homework rather than watching the latest Netflix Original Series, I strongly believe this work ethic has benefited me in the long run.

Benefits of getting involved in high school activities

Getting involved in high school not only allowed me to create better relationships with staff, peers and gain a greater sense of self, but it also allowed me to discover what I am passionate about. In my high school, there were dozens of different and diverse student clubs and organizations to get involved with.

That being said, it was not easy to become involved. I understand how intimidating it can be to go to that first club meeting; it is so scary to put yourself out there, but believe me when I say that is worth it.  It is not enough to just show up – you’ll get so much more out of it if you take part and engage yourself in the experience.

Developing good work habits

Believe it or not, the work habits you develop in grade 9 and 10, can make a difference in your overall success. I’ve watched so many of my peers struggle to achieve good grades in grades 11 and 12 because they had not established a positive work ethic in earlier years. This holds true for the college or university years.

It’s very difficult to begin achieving excellent grades and managing your time effectively when you don’t have any experience with these tasks. For example, getting in the habit of allocating one to two hours every night to do homework, even if it just means re-reading your notes class that day, will make it so much easier to stay on top of your work when you begin to receive more than three hours of homework each night.

High school student participating in extracurricular activities.

Balancing time volunteering, working and doing school work is a great skill to learn for the long run!

When I was in grade 12, I was a member of over 10 school clubs and committees. I helped organize events and was a peer mentor. I had a part-­‐time job, was in a community theatre company and maintained an A average. This busy lifestyle helped me develop time management skills which I have carried into post-­‐secondary.

Now that I’m in in university, I am extremely grateful for that experience. The social skills I gained from being involved in my community and school made it so much easier to meet new people and make friends. The time management skills have helped me manage a full course schedule and hand in assignments on time. I’m also an active participant in campus organizations, such as my program’s social committee and as my floor representative in residence.

The best way to make the most out of high school, is to make the most USE of these years. I feel so lucky to live in a country where I have access to education and extracurricular programs. I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the opportunities given to me. Study hard, get involved, make every year of high school count. It will help you grow and succeed in the future!

Alexa Shipman

Alexa is an outgoing 18 year old from London, Ontario. She is passionate about the arts and was a member of Original Kids Theatre Company for nine years. She spends her summers working as a camp counselor and is excited about entering the newest stage of her life, as a student studying International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa. In addition to being a Parentwise blogger, Alexa is also a CST Beneficiary.

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