Holiday Gifts: What Dads Really Want in 2015

What does Dad really want this holiday season?

What does Dad really want this holiday season?


Dads – we sure get shafted around the holidays. Yes, it’s our stoic nature not to complain about the gifts we are given by our moms (socks), our wives (gloves) and our children (whatever that thing they made out of clay was), but damn it, dads are people too and we actually like nice gifts around the holidays.

Are we that hard to shop for? Don’t you know us at all? How many ties and tools have you bought us over the last few years that we have actually used? None? Then stop buying them! We have hobbies, and habits and who knows what else you can look at for inspiration. But try!

Some dads collect toy cars, some collect baseball cards and some collect limited edition Marvel superhero busts (see: Silver Snail in Toronto). Some dads do collect tools and ties, but why not buy them something this year that they wouldn’t get for themselves like tickets to a concert (Justin Bieber) or a gourmet meal in a restaurant, or new running shoes; you know, ones that are actually in style?

We’re dads, yes, but we’re also people too. Yes, we like to buy gifts for our wives and children that make them happy because it makes us happy, but we’d be just as happy with a new hockey stick, baseball glove or bike helmet from our kids this Christmas as it would show they really cared. And REALLY paid attention to who we are and what we like.

If you don’t want to buy us gifts, make them for us, but again, think about what we like. If we like steak, burn one on the grill but don’t make us YOUR favourite vegan meal because you think it will help us bond. It might, but only if we have one bathroom in the house, and not because it’s something we enjoy. We love you, but not that much.

The point is dads have historically been an afterthought when it comes to holiday gift giving. We’ve accepted it until now, but it’s not easy being the strong silent type that gets silk socks when we work construction 7 days a week.  It’s not easy being the stay-at-home dad who likes a night out every once in a while.  It’s not easy being the proctologist who wears gloves most of the day and then gets more gloves on December 25th.

We just want to be understood. We want to be loved. We want…gifts that we can actually use and enjoy.

So please, this Holiday Season, try to think about us poor old dads and really try to come up with gift ideas that speak to who we are as people and not just our titles.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or even any money, as long as it’s a gift from the heart that shows us you know who we truly are and what we can really use… Other than socks, ties, new shoelaces, new razor blades, nose trimmers, ear trimmers, and thongs.


Adam Dolgin

Adam Dolgin, humorist, writer, blogger, entrepreneur and parenting expert, is the creator of Fodder 4 Fathers, an online parenting group for both moms and dads. A proud Canadian, Adam lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Jessica, and their two small children, affectionately known to his fans as "D.D."and the "Lil F'er" (Lil Fodderer).

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