Frosh week, O-Week, Orientation – it’s finally here!

Whether you’re a first year student or the parent of a “frosh” we all need a bit of help surviving this week.

So, I’ve taken to Dr. Internet to curate some of the best advice to survive frosh week, and get you started on what will undoubtedly be, as American Author’s so aptly put it, the best days of your life!


McGill University – The unofficial guide

O-Week isn’t only about the social life, it’s also about the academic life you’re about to dive into.  We like that McGill offers an Academic Expectations Day.  Those study tips will definitely come in handy when you have 4 papers due the same week!

U of T – The Varsity

Last year the writers of this school paper gave students a bit of advice about Frosh Week at U of T.  One of our favourites is taking advantage of the free stuff.  The harsh reality is, being a student means you don’t have a lot of money and anything free is good.

Carleton University – The Charlatan

If the idea of a one-size fits all approach to Frosh terrifies you, this post has lots of great advice.  It also comes from my alma mater so slight bias.  But from my own experience I’d agree with #3, making friends with the people on your floor is a must.  These are the people you’ll be able to get notes from missed classes, share meals and rides with and could be potential housemates if you choose to move off campus the following year.

University of Waterloo on

Once again the Reddit community is here to help.  And if you’re headed to UofWaterloo you’ll find some great tips to survive Frosh Week whether you’re going to that school or another one. We especially like the one about sunscreen.  Apparently someone got the worst sunburn participating in activities that week.

U of Calgary – Oweek page

Most universities and colleges devote the time to create an o-week page to help you navigate your particular school’s activities that week.  Many have also developed blogs on Tumblr as well.  Writer Robyn Urback comprised a good list of these pages in this article she wrote for Maclean’s Magazine a few years ago but is still bang on for info.

Social Media – all

Don’t forget to follow your new school on social media.  This is a great way to find out what’s happening in real time (how else are you going to find out about an impromptu secret show from Drake), and a chance to interact with others in your year and program without having to talk to them.  You can save that for later.

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Edyta McKay

Edyta McKay is a working mom with two amazing kids; Jack who is 5, and Kaia who is 3, who insists on doing everything her older brother does. A former journalist, Edyta lives in the big city of Toronto, Ontario with her very energetic family. She’s dished out parenting advice on CTV News and Global News where Jack has made some appearances as her side-kick.

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