First Year University: A New Adventure

Starting first year university

An exciting new beginning! Alexa starts her first year of at the University of Ottawa in September.

Do you know the tingling sensation you feel at the bottom of your stomach moments before you jump into an icy cold lake? It’s the fear of the unknown, but also the knowledge that the only way in – is to take the plunge. This is how I feel about university.

I’ve spent the past four years of high school working extremely hard, so that I could get into the school of my dreams. I’ll be headed to the University of Ottawa to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Social Science in International Development and Globalization.

It’s amazing and exciting.  However, now that it’s finally time to go away to school, I’m feeling incredibly nervous about jumping in.

The feelings I have about starting university come in waves. I go back and forth; from feelings of excitement to extreme nerves. No matter how much I research and plan, I honestly have no idea what to expect.

I’ll be living in a new city, with a complete stranger and a brand new schedule. The idea of this adventure that I am about to embark on is daunting, but I know that diving in will be worthwhile.

I’ve done my course selection and purchased everything I need for my room, whether it be kitchen supplies, bedding, vacuum, mini fridge, storage units and even a mini popcorn machine! Fortunately, my parents invested in a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) with CST when I was born. Now, I don’t have to struggle to make ends meet during my first year.

Despite the nerves, I continue to remind myself that everyone is in the same boat as me. Every student going into first year is afraid of the unknown – afraid of the fall.

It is also a lot easier to jump into the lake, when you know someone else is jumping in with you. In this case, there are thousands of others diving into this new adventure called university!

I can’t wait for new experiences, to meet people and to study what I’m passionate about.

University, here I come!

Alexa Shipman

Alexa is an outgoing 18 year old from London, Ontario. She is passionate about the arts and was a member of Original Kids Theatre Company for nine years. She spends her summers working as a camp counselor and is excited about entering the newest stage of her life, as a student studying International Development and Globalization at the University of Ottawa. In addition to being a Parentwise blogger, Alexa is also a CST Beneficiary.

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