Finding the Perfect Back to School Bag for your kids

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Searching for the right school supplies can be an adventure in itself.

It should have been simple.

Go to one store, get the kids what they need for back to school and go home.

But nothing is ever that simple with kids. The plan was to get home from work, feed the kids, pack them in to the car, go to a store and be done with it.

But if you have never bought your kids school bags before, how would you know where to find them?

First, we went to a big box toy store. I thought, “They should have school bags there, and great ones at that”.  We even drove by a popular big box business store to get there, but surely, the toy store would have bags our kids would love?

No. Sadly, the selection was pretty slim and our kids were very specific in what they wanted: Spiderman or The Secret Life of Pets. So, we had to pack the kids back in the car and go to another store.

Our second excursion took us to a really large department store that is always dropping their prices. Well, the prices weren’t bad and we found a bag for my son, but there was nothing there for my daughter. I will say it’s easy to shop for a kindergartener, but a girl going into first grade is much more discerning. So, knowing that we needed to find a store that would satisfy both our kids’ needs, we were back to the car and back on the hunt.

Then we were off to a well-known Canadian sporting goods store. They had some great bikes which our kids loved, and we even bought them some roller skates – but not too many school bags. So, we were on our way to yet another store.

We had the idea that maybe our major grocery store chain would have school bags. They did!  They even had some cool ones, but again, not enough variety for our discerning little first-grader. And, not all of them came with matching lunch bags (big problem).

Should it have been this hard to find school bags? How would we know? This was our first time.

We were ready to give up, when I looked across the street and remembered that there was another big box business store location. Would they have what we needed? Would our trip around the city be a total waste of time? Were we going to have to order school bags online?

Well, lucky enough (or not if you consider we could have gone there first), they had the best selection of bags, and high-quality, waterproof ones at that. And the prices were great! Even better, our kids can use these bags for a few years, since they  have  quite a few compartments, reinforced stitching and matching lunch bags.

We were in and out in 5 minutes. The kids were happy. We were happy and now we know where to go to buy our school bags from now on (at least for grade school).

I do wish we would have had someone who could have saved us a bit of time and stress. That would have been nice.

Where do you buy your school bags and supplies for your grade-schoolers? Maybe we can save the next mom and dad some  time – crunch time – as they shop for all of their back to school needs for their kids.

It’s not as easy as it looks.


Adam Dolgin

Adam Dolgin, humorist, writer, blogger, entrepreneur and parenting expert, is the creator of Fodder 4 Fathers, an online parenting group for both moms and dads. A proud Canadian, Adam lives in Toronto, Ontario with his wife, Jessica, and their two small children, affectionately known to his fans as "D.D."and the "Lil F'er" (Lil Fodderer).

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