How to Find a Part-Time Job for Students

Tips for how to find a part-time job for students during the school year

What does it take to get a part-time job during the school year?

The leaves are changing, children are bustling to get to school and the city streets are filled with cars stuck in traffic. Gone are the dog days of summer along with any summer job you may have had.

Among the many challenges students face while completing college is that of holding down a part-time job. As hectic as a college schedule can be, imagine incorporating a part-time job in your schedule! Plus, you haven’t even accounted for study time (my favourite). Nonetheless, a part-time job is an important reality for a growing number of students, so I’d like to share with you some tips on how to find part time work while still trying to make the grade.

  • Where the jobs are: job postings are everywhere. Look for them in your college/university career centers and my favourite, Also, if you don’t have a Linkedin profile, I encourage you to create one . It can help you find jobs and help potential employers find you.
  • Resume, resume, resume: Always keep your resume up to date. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to apply for a position before preparing your resume. A “complete” resume will give you a competitive edge and allow you to apply faster than others who have to update their resumes.

How to make your resume stand out from the crowd

  • Tips for an effective resume: The best resumes have key “industry buzzwords”. Be clear and concise and check your work to make sure you minimize the chances of grammatical errors.

How networking can help you get a job

  • Networking: Never underestimate the power of active networking. Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a part-time job. We live in a world where, at times, who you know can help guide to you a job opening.  So be active and spread the word.
  • Keep your spirits up:  Try not to get discouraged.  The road to finding a job can be filled with obstacles. Just keep trying.  Never shy away from applying for something you know you can do and never be afraid of rejection. It can take, on average, approximately 6 weeks to find employment.  So, keep at it!

What are employers looking for?

  • Qualities or skills that employers want: Employers are looking for eager, adaptable and courageous employees. Always be sure to follow up on your applications with an email and/or a phone call where possible.

How to prepare for a job interview

  • Acing the interview: Dress to impress. First impressions are last impressions. Arrive a little early and be sure you’re smiling. Have a resume in hand and ask meaningful questions that demonstrate that you’ve done your research on the organization.

Finding a job isn’t always easy but keep your spirits up and remember to be persistent. Be on the lookout for the dream part-time job because it’s closer than you think.   I wish you all a great school year!

Sonny Sidhu

As Manager of Human Resources at CST, Sonny loves what he does. Making an impact on the professional lives of his colleagues is what drives him to excel at work. In his free time, Sonny spends time with his loving family and annoying niece Dani (just kidding – she’s a terrific kid!). He enjoys watching movies, competitive gaming and spending time in the park. Sonny has authored five articles for Linkedin.

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