Fall Wardrobe Must Haves to save you Money

When the seasons change, sometimes we feel that we need to make a change as well.  For me, it usually comes in the form of a wardrobe overhaul.

Maybe it’s time for a new scarf? Some new jeans?  Definitely a new coat!

However, before you get excited and start purchasing, taking time to organize and do an inventory check can save you a lot of money.

Here’s a few other tips to consider when it comes to updating your fall wardrobe:

Invest in a Fabric Shaver:

Your old favourite knit sweater or cotton shirt looks dated.  But before tossing it out and buying a new one, give it a new lease on life by removing the fluff with a fabric shaver.

Consider Selling:

Ever heard the saying “what’s one person’s trash is another person’s treasure?” Keep that in mind when it comes to clothes that you no longer wear. There are a lot of consignment store that will give you money for your ‘old’ (although still ‘in style’) clothing.  You can also sell your items online through many buy, sell and trade sites.

Dye It:

Remember when clothes fade all is not lost.  You can invest in a quick liquid dye kit to revamp tired looking jeans.

Invest in Staples:

It’s recommended to spend at least 60% of your clothing budget on staple items vs trendy items (no matter how tempting those trendy items might be).  Keep in mind that trends are constantly changing and those same items may be out of style next fall.

When thinking about what constitutes a staple for you, think about where you spend the most time. If you work in an office your staples might include suits or skirts.  Whereas if you work from home your staples might be much more casual like cardigans or comfy cotton pieces.

It’s also good to stick to quality items made from long-lasting materials. They may cost a bit more, but they’ll last longer than one season

Shop Around:

Go online and do some comparison shopping.  You might be surprised at how much prices vary.  You might also find a similar outfit for a fraction of the price at ‘this’ store vs ‘that’ one.

Also, don’t be afraid to look at discount/second hand stores.  Sure, some stuff will be outdated but you’ll likely find some key staples while browsing.


Suggest a clothing swap with a friend.  What’s old and tired to you might be new and exciting to them!  Plus it’s free!

One last piece of advice, think outside of the box.  When it comes to your wardrobe, sometimes all it takes is tossing on a staple leather (or faux leather) jacket to change that summer outfit into a fall one. The possibilities are endless!

Brianne Ducharme

I’m a busy mom of twins with a passion for sharing stories and information. This comes from my background as a local TV producer, where I’ve had the opportunity to share experiences with viewers for many years. Now I’m finding a way to couple my background with the hardest and most fulfilling job I’ve ever had…being a mother to my amazing identical twin daughters. I write my blogs as a way to share my experiences, but also hope that it provides a bit of help to those parents out there who might be going through something similar.

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