CST Reviews

My experience with CST is second to none. As someone who works in both the Financial Services industry and higher education, I know a thing or two about investments and RESPs. Quite simply, RESPs are every other financial provider’s “side business”. They are generally not equipped and don’t care enough about RESPs and helping prepare for your child going to university. CST is focused on this market and does an exceptional job. I could go on and on about the quality of the advice, the excellent (and industry-leading statements), great customer service, and proactive communication/payment. Our daughter just started University and the process for payment was smooth — it was just as easy to use and understand the benefits, as it was to sign up. I highly recommend CST to anyone with a child that wants to save for university.
-Richard Seres

Saving with CST was the best and helpful decision I’ve ever made to help my children for their University/College tuition. Otherwise, I will not be able to save it on my own by just leaving my savings in the bank. Much thanks and I wish the company more success, growth and more parents/children help save for their future.
– Almarie Mas

It has been excellent. The support staff on the phone line is amazing. I have never dealt with staff that is more helpful or patient. I honestly am amazed every time I call. I am used to call in center staff finding reasons not to help you. With CST, they do everything possible to help you!
-Kevin Zemp

CST was a great idea many years ago. It has made it much easier for our son to go to University. The financial burden is lessened dramatically. I little money once a month over numerous years was much easier than trying to come up with it in lump sums every semester. The interest earned was decent as well. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of their child’s future!
-Greg Graff

I am very glad that we chose CST to plan for my daughter’s post-secondary education. For our situation, it was quite difficult to set aside some money for this plan, mainly due to the fact that we have lower average income. However, the sacrifice was worth it, because at the end there were no worries for my daughter’s tuition when the time came to be. After they gathered our requirements every year for the grant, a week later we would receive the help. So we highly recommend.
-Samuel Yabut

Having the opportunity to have that money available to me allowed me to focus more on my studies. I’m very thankful to my parents – they always valued education and were always extremely supportive of me following my dreams and going to university and making sure I had everything I needed to succeed – that really does make a difference.
-Daniel LeBouthillier

Both my parents saved up and worked very hard to contribute to my CST plan during my undergraduate … It really meant that I didn’t have to work during school and I was able to devote time to finding my interest and doing all of the volunteer work that I did do. I’m graduating virtually debt-free, which is a big weight off my shoulders.
-Alexandra Zidenberg

They’ve really helped me take advantage of additional opportunities besides just the regular course load of studies that I wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of otherwise, such as field schools and work-study placements and mobile trips around the area to allow me to get a sense of what I can do with my studies and what the broader impact is outside of the university environment.
-Montanna Diakun

My parents were really influential in that for me, not only helping me out with their personal finances, but investing in the CST plan for me when I was younger. That’s definitely been a large weight off my shoulders financially.
-Edward Nichol