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With over $4.7 billion in assets under management for more than 250,000 Canadian families, CST Consultants knows a thing or two about education savings and the cost of post-secondary education. CST Consultants strives to give Canadian children the financial resources to pursue post-secondary education by helping parents save for their children’s educational future today.

The Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan is only sold by Prospectus.


Making Time to Relax as a Parent

When your kids are small, just infants and toddlers, it can feel impossible to find time to relax. Taking a moment to sit down – alone – can be near impossible. And when you...


Is Your Teen Ready for Financial Independence

This year, our summer vacation travels brought us together with friends and family near and far – in many cases, seeing people again for the first time in years.  Not surprisingly, the changes in...


Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Eating Healthy on a Budget

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