An Open Letter to Santa About the Hottest Toys This Christmas

Dear Santa...

What’s on children’s Christmas wish lists? Santa knows.


Dear Santa,

Hope things are well with you and Mrs. Claus up in the North Pole and that your elves have had enough rest given the workload they have this month.

I know your team is extremely busy this time of year but on behalf of some of us parents, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask if you could please make it a little bit easier to find the toys your elves are so hard at work making.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you, with the millions of elves who sit on shelves dispatched across the world, the tremendous care each child takes when making up their wish list for Santa.

I know my own son has been keeping a running tally since your last visit.    No joke Santa, he asked me in the middle of a water gun fight with the neighbourhood kids if he can get the latest Star Wars Master light saber for Christmas – that was back in July.

By the time December hit he had amassed a list of over 50 toys he wanted.  I asked him to whittle it down to 3 – he’s only 4.5 – so I’m sure you can appreciate the time and energy it took to accomplish such a feat.  I know I’m not alone in saying this; he’s asked for every single toy on the ‘hottest toys of Christmas’ list so please don’t run out or be out of stock.  One idea:  perhaps have tighter controls around the entrepreneurial ventures of your elves who may be tempted to turn to eBay to hock some of these toys at inflated prices so they can set up their own dental practices (although I know your employees would never do such a thing).

Searching for the perfect gift isn't always easy!

Searching for the perfect gift isn’t always easy!

And while I myself enjoy a good scavenger hunt for such items like the Paw Patroller and touching base with some long lost or sometimes neglected relatives in other zip codes to find “said toys” – some other parents might not find pleasure in such escapades.  I’ve found that knowing someone in the toy business such as yourself is also helpful – but again – not everyone runs in the same circles.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, and to preserve the sanity of parents everywhere around the world, please help a fellow gift giver out by ensuring those toys and requests our little ones utter in your ear while sitting on your lap, are found underneath the tree come December 25th.


Desperately seeking Paw Patroller,

Edyta McKay on behalf of parents everywhere…

(This blog post is not intended to offend, but for all those who can relate, good luck!)

Edyta McKay

Edyta McKay is a working mom with two amazing kids; Jack who is 5, and Kaia who is 3, who insists on doing everything her older brother does. A former journalist, Edyta lives in the big city of Toronto, Ontario with her very energetic family. She’s dished out parenting advice on CTV News and Global News where Jack has made some appearances as her side-kick.

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