We all have extra things to be thankful for this year.

‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie, cranberries and turkey! Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and it’s pretty safe to assume that this year will be unlike any other. While we’ve all been adapting to changes in our work, school and daily lives, traditional holidays in our new reality are tricky and Thanksgiving on October 12th will have to be a new format.  But, with considerably fewer guests around our tables, the true spirit of the holiday remains the same. In fact, we all may have even more things to be thankful for this year.

The Things That Really Matter

Interestingly (in a good way!), the pandemic has caused many of us to re-boot, re-balance and re-evaluate the things we thought were important. Suddenly, frivolous spending and wasting time took a back seat to more valuable intangibles like spending time with those who matter to us, putting money aside in the face of uncertainty, taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. This shifting of focus onto what really matters is something to definitely be thankful for.

Your Family

Perhaps this year’s holiday can be the opportunity to give thanks for the meaningful ways your loved one impacted your life? You may even start a tradition to keep the memory of your loved ones alive by sharing favourite stories around the table. Don’t be surprised if other new family traditions surface too.  With social distancing limiting the family members in your bubble, you may find yourself planning and preparing the meal together, and really talking to one another across the table instead of shouting across the din to be heard. Of course, most of us are thankful for family year-round; this year we are just saying thanks in different ways than we have in the past.

Your Health

Hopefully you and your loved ones have managed to stay healthy and will continue to enjoy good health well into the future. With the number of people who fell ill from the pandemic, health will likely emerge as one of the top things people are thankful for this year. We can all do our part to stay healthy by eating well, getting proper rest and continuing to practice social distancing and personal safety for our own good and those around us.

Your Home

The chilly weather is already making its presence known and soon we will all be spending more time indoors. As your home becomes even more important in the coming months, you’ll likely begin to feel thankful for it. So fill it with things you love to surround yourself with and get ready to hunker down.

The Future

We have all been touched by the pandemic in one way or another and we have had to adjust to our worlds shifting in different ways. Yet if you count some of the things listed above as some of the real riches that you are thankful for, then that can put a whole new spin on this challenging year. From your health to your home to your family, there’s so much to be thankful for right now. So, take stock of at all that you have, and give thanks for it this Thanksgiving. At CST, we‘re using this opportunity to thank our plan holders for choosing us to be a part of their child’s future. Have a safe and happy holiday! 

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